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    • Introduction Greetings players of Sanctum. In this post, i will try to explain what is going on with Sanctum and what our future plans are. We are aware the current server state isn't the best, but hopefully after reading this post, you will get a bit more insight into what is going on, and what plans we have for the future. For a tdlr please read the following: Sanctum War is currently in a bad state regarding popularity. This is caused by inactivity and busyness by me and our staff. Our goals are however longterm, and we have been working on a revamp of the server introducing a new core + lots of new features. Currently, we are working on a Sanctum v2, which will be a new server based on the old on, but with lots of improvements and a new marketing strategy.    Background Story Sanctum War was created with the purpose of delivering the best possible quality for a custom/fun server. This is something we worked on for a while, however, we had no prior knowledge to what the players really wanted. On top of that, we were a new team, no one of us had run a project together before. This gave us challenges in choosing consistent and professional people to work on the project. Over the past year, we have seen a lot of people come and go, some because of IRL issues some because they lost interest. However, we feel like we finally have found a good and professional team, with people who still continue to work no matter what their IRL situation is. When we made the server, we made a deal to our self, to keep working, improving and recreating, until we finally got to a point we could be satisfied with. This point hasn't been reached yet, and the journey is far from over. We will keep on improving, changing things, learning from our mistakes in order to improve the experience for everyone.   Challenges and mistakes Since the launch, i have closely watched the server both the things that worked but also the things that haven't worked. Below i will post some of the challenges as well as mistakes we have had during the first year or so of release.  Finding the right people; The staff team has been something that has been very hard to coordinate and get to where we want. A lot of people we recruited had a lot of ambitions, will power and were super motivated to help and improve the server. However, sadly this has exactly been the way things worked out. In the future, our selection process will need to be better in order to find real talent that can help the server. Additionally, there has been a lot of issues recently with the staff being busy with exams, however, these have been dealt with and people are ready to continue their work on the server.  I will say though that the team we have now, are all a very good fit. They have all shown great dedication and are without a doubt people that will be here for the long run. Content implementation and lack of structure; Another important topic is the content we have made on the server, while we all can agree that some of it are great, there are also things not so great. Perhaps not in the term of quality, but more so in the term of the foundation and ideas, the content were build on. Instead of having made a server where people can log on every day to do something interesting, we rather created the "BFA experience" where people log in and AFK in the mall. This is caused by a too high focus on PvP content early on, we didn't count in if there weren't 20+ people online all the time, and this meant that players had no real solo content they could do if there weren't people constantly queuing battlegrounds. This we hope to improve with Sanctum v2 and more information regarding it will be posted below. Advertising and marketing; The last important point is regarding advertisement. Noone of our team had any special knowledge to advertisement, so when we first began it was a huge mess. We used the money on advertisement that wasn't really giving us anything, and not using resources on the advertisement that perhaps could of got us a lot more players. Additionally, we didn't feel like advertising in periods because of the lack of content on the server, or because we felt we needed to improve things before bringing new players to the server. In the future, we will need to be a lot more consistent with our advertisement, to make sure we gain more benefit from it.    Classic Release and our plans It is no secret that just a couple of months from now Classic-wow will open their doors for millions of players who want to play the old original game. A lot of people have asked us if we think all private servers will die when classic wow releases. In the following section, i will share our perspective and belief on the matter.  There is no doubt that classic will have an effect on the private server scene, a lot of players want to play classic, wow and it has been something they been waiting on for many years. This possible also means that right around the release time, the entire private server scene will see a decline in active players. However, there will still be two categories left. Those who do not wish to play classic, and those who play on a private server because it is free. These will be the people we will be satisfying during the Classic launch. It will without a doubt be a tough period, which also means we will try to place some of our future tests etc around this time. The important thing about this is, we are not a blizzlike server, so our content and experience won't be able to get from classic. We are purely focused on making custom content. If anyone has been around the private server scene since TBC or Wotlk, they will know even though blizzard offered the expansion used for private servers as well, a lot of people still played on private servers. The amount of "blizzlike" servers were also far less and the real focus on the private server community was custom/fun servers. Our forecast is that Classic will clean out the private server scene, it will make a lot of attention shift away from blizzlike servers. There has recently been a trend with blizzlike servers flooding the private server scene, taking up all good advertisement positions, generating all the hype on forums / reddit. We believe that Classic Wow will change this, and eliminate the blizzlike servers making more room for custom / funserver projects. Just like how it used to be back in the days. This is obviously an opportunity we need to make sure we take advantage of, which is also why we are planning a marketing and advertisement campaign around when classic-wow starts to decline in membership (2-3 months after classic release), in order to hopefully gain a lot of benefit from the people who got tired of playing classic, and wish to seek back into custom projects that they remember playing back in the days.    Sanctum V2 - The future of Sanctum War So what now, how do we position our self in the future to make sure we will become a success? While there hasn't been much communication between the staff and players lately, explaining what is going on some players had had a bit of insight information from the staff. We feel like it's about time we share our future plans, and what is going on with the server and what you can expect.  A big issue for us has been the instability of the server core. Many of you are aware of the delay issue we have where the server over time begins to slow down and cause spell delay for players. The core we used was from a previous project, from about 2016. This is probably one of the single biggest mistakes we have made. Instead of using a freshly compiled core, we decided to go with a core that already had a lot of custom modifications made to it. This has caused serious issues regarding stability. Additionally, the code that has been written was sometimes written under high pressure and very small time limits, making it inefficient and causing issues. This is why we have decided to compile an entirely new and fresh core, with the latest updates from trinity as well as eluna. This not only fix issues regarding broken spells, mechanics and other errors, it also allows us to rebuild the core with just the necessary core modifications. This way we can also keep a better track of everything implemented, and make sure we easier can debug for future crash/delay issues.  The new core will be based on the current server in terms of what it will be. It will still be a level 80 custom server, with unique scripts, dungeons, pvp content and more. The stat system will also stay the same in terms of health and so on. However, with the new core, we are also working on a much higher quality of content, and a lot of our scripts will be translated to new technology that we recently have been exploring. The content improvements can be divided into two sections.  AIO system and handling - A improved interface system About a year ago we implemented a system called AIO which was made by some of the developers working on the Eluna system for emulators. This system allows the developers to write addon messages, that can be sent from the client to the server and back again. It gives developers an opportunity to implement custom interfaces, and modify the client side of the game without having to write the client itself. The current server is limited by just being able to modify server-side things, however, with this new system we will have control of both the server side and client side. To give you an idea of what this means, it means we can make custom interfaces such as the one below: We hope the AIO will help us bring the quality of the content to a new level, and give everyone a much better experience. It also allows for some cool new ideas, that we won't share yet but have been looking into. The new custom island - A new world to explore Behind the scenes, we have also been working on something even more impressive, that will change Sanctum V2 a lot compared to the current realm. Some of you may be aware of a program called noggit. It is a tool developers can use to make custom maps by drawing 3d elements in a custom made 3d editor made for making wow maps. Over the last couple of months we been working on a huge new map, that will include 4 custom zones and a new custom "Sanctum" aka mall for the server. This will allow us to make a lot more open world content, as well as introduce cool new concepts into the world. It also allows us to have a focus on a lot more soloable content, as this new update will bring a lot of new and cool areas to develop in. Making custom maps however does take time, and it is probably one of the most time-consuming things we are working on. Not only we do have to draw and paint the maps, but we also need to make content for them. Below you can see a screenshot of the current progress, we won't share too much as we still want players to be excited about the new world, and be able to explore it for themselves once it is implemented:   Sanctum V1 - The continue of Sanctum War While the above reflects what we have planned for the future, we don't want to discontinue improving the current realm. While our main focus will be on Sanctum v2, we will continue to apply small updates to the current realm. The first small update will be posted at the end of this week and will include some new soloable content, as well as other small improvements. It is important to make clear that the progression made on the current realm will be moved over to the new core in some way, so don't be afraid that you will lose your beloved characters and the progression you make on the current realm. We will begin to try and get the realm going again, and hopefully, have more events and so on during the summer leading up till the new realm.    The closed beta for Sanctum V2 Finally, I want to address, that sometime in the future we will be having a closed beta for the new realm Sanctum v2, more information about it will be released. But from our experiences, it is important to get things tested before we roll it out. It will work the same way as with the first beta test, where people will be able to send a small application in order to participate in the beta. Once we start the closed beta, there will be posted information about it in the announcement section, so keep an eye out if you wish to participate.    Final Words I hope this gives some insight into what we have been working on as well as what our plans are for the future. If you feel like you can contribute in one way or another to the future of Sanctum War, don't hesitate to contact the staff team on discord, or make an application on the forum. We are always looking for new motivated people who wish to be a part of the future of this project. I want to apologize to everyone for not making Sanctum what we have hoped yet, how ever I am confident that eventually, we will get there. With hard work and dedication, we will continue to improve Sanctum War until we finally reach a point we are satisfied with.     
    • Hey! im very sorry for every mistake i make but my english isn't the best ^^" I've noticed two things First : In the blood furnace, right side of the stair, behind the 3rd torch, is a little bug with the (i guess) saronit ore. in one corner you can see it and if your in another corner it disapperes. Second : The last talent from the frost dk (howling blast) isn't in the spellbook. i've learned it/put a skillpoint in it and i can't find it anywhere. I'm not 100% sure if this is a bug but i guess it is one. .-. (after switching between first and second build it's in my book.. yeay ... but why the hell am i such a magnet for bugs? <.<)   i hope i could help a bit and have a nice day/night/whatever!
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